The Quincy Police Patrol Officers’ Association was originally established as the Quincy Police Betterment Association, under the leadership of Officers Carmine DiRamio and Lawrence Kelly. The Betterment Association was founded in 1968, in response to unreasonable practices of the City, who, among other things, demanded that Quincy Police Officers attend court, on their own time, without compensation.

During the time of the picket pictured above, the Mayor of Quincy was James McIntyre, who also held the position of State Senator, at the same time as being Mayor. That is the reason the picketing officers called him on voting for pay raises for the MDC, state, and capitol police forces.

The Quincy Police Betterment Association changed their name to the Quincy Police Patrol Officers’ Association in the 1980’s. It continues to be the sole bargaining agent for the Patrol Officers of the Quincy Police Department.